How is it that make it deep into January with no snow and then we just get dumped on in one weekend? Weather confuses me. A lot.

That’s not to say the weather disrupted my weekend though. I am a firm believer that since I grew up in the midwest that I have to at least try and drive when the weather is bad. Sure, if I don’t need to go out, I don’t, but I don’t let snow scare me off the roads. (Sorry Mom!)

With that said, we went to our friends to play Killer Bunnies once again. I didn’t win, but when the game takes about 2.5 hours, it really doesn’t matter who wins in the end. It’s all about the journey. Now that we play with 6 decks instead of 2 it has become much more a marathon than a sprint.

When the game was over was when the real interesting fun began. Let’s just say there is a street in Mankato that becomes a icy slide right into a forest (or apartments) if you aren’t careful. We didn’t get hurt and we didn’t even hit anything, but the potential was certainly there.

I also traded in some games and picked up Mercenaries this weekend. That is about the greatest game ever made. I won’t get into the details of the game, but whenever you can do a laser guided missle strike on a North Korean military base it’s a good time. Always.

This week is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Lots of wallpaper removal at the house, potential for some sledding with my small group later in the week and of course broomball on Saturdays now (after one game I am officially hooked). That’s about all for now though.


Long time no blog…


Above is a picture of influenza. It’s a brutal beast that has been known to terrorize many and quickly drain the sick day count of many hard working employees in the early weeks of January. You have been warned.

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, but I was really sick there for a while. That coupled with moving into our first house, Christmas, traveling back to the motherland (Wisconsin) and generally being super-busy, I haven’t really had time.

Life here in nature’s icebox is going okay. There was a span of about two months where I was either unable to attend or we just didn’t have anything with the senior high youth. I was having some pretty serious withdrawal through that. My faith was also taking a bit of a back slide at the same time, so that hardly helped.

But now things are better. I just needed to get back in a routine and get my priorities back in line. Now I am anxious for every Wednesday I get to spend with my group of guys just to see them grow. I was getting frustrated for a while that they just weren’t progressing fast enough spritually, but I need to keep reminding myself that God really doesn’t wear a Timex. I just need to keep close to those guys so I can make an impact when the time comes.

Hopefully this will be the start of more regular posts. It is always good to have a platform to write. Even if there isn’t much of an audience.