Last night we went to a friend’s house to celebrate my birthday and eat some cake. Then we decided to watch a couple of videos from my past. Pretty embarrassing stuff.

The first one we watched was from when I was interviewed on Fox News. Several years ago there was this crazy pipe bomber who drove around the midwest trying to create a smiley face with bombs. It just so happened that this guy went to the same college as me and since I was running the campus newspaper at the time it kind of vaulted me into the national media. It was a crazy experience and certainly one I will tell my kids about someday.

Anyway, I was interviewed on Fox News to give the “pulse of the campus” and I totally screwed up. I ended up saying the wrong name twice and I just looked like a wreck. Probably because I was a wreck though…no sleep for two days does that to a person.

The second video we watched was from me in high school. Back in the day my church youth group did a little something called “human videos.” If you are unfamiliar, they are basically acting out the motions to song to try and convey a message. At the time it seemed like a pretty revolutionary concept, but looking back at it today it’s pretty ridiculous. The worst part was that I was playing the role of Jesus and was actually in a loin cloth. Gross.

It’s funny, because I remember several times where I knew we had made an impact on people and that they had had their faith moved. It’s hard to imagine that now that I see how hokey it looked. I guess God even uses ridiculous things to reach people sometimes.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was quite good. We had some of Jamie’s family up, so it was fun and a little crowded in the house. I missed not seeing my family, but they will be here to see the baby soon enough I’m sure.

It was an abundance of videogames this year. 5 games in total which when added to the literal drawer full of unfinished games I already have, I don’t see myself buying a new game for quite some time. Perhaps it will hold me over until the Playstation 3 is released?

It was also my birthday yesterday which was really just a day of relaxing. I played some of my new games and we went out to TimberLodge for dinner where I had a great prime rib. Whenever you can eat so much for dinner that you can skip breakfast the next morning because you are still full is a great thing.

Tonight I don’t really plan on doing too much. Probably work on cleaning up the remains of Christmas. I’m not sure what the Mankato policy is on tree removal, but I would like to get rid of our tree fairly soon. It is starting to loose needles like crazy.

I have some stuff to share about the church service I went to on Christmas Eve, but I’ll share that another time. I should get back to work for now.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t look like this exactly, but this will give you an idea of the ridiculous traffic I got stuck in coming back from St. Paul yesterday. I’m still glad I went on the trip, but if Jamie would have called with me stuck there I would have gone crazy.

Last night I finally got the shower to a working state. It still has a slow leak from one of the pipes, but I’m going to wait until my dad comes to Mankato to work on that one. I’ve never done any pipe work before and I don’t want to jeopardize the shower prior to a new baby arrival as well as quite a few guests for the Christmas holidays.

Last night I watched a special I taped that was on 48-Hours. It was about the validity of the Christmas story. To be honest, it made some very good points. The inconsistencies of the two gospel accounts that talk about the Christmas story are very distinct and they did their best to try and figure out the issues. It really makes me question just what occurred, but at the same time it doesn’t really change my faith. As it was mentioned in the show, even if Christ was not a virgin birth, he can still be the savior of the universe. It kind of messes with some theology (being born of God and from a union devoid of human sin) but at the end of the day I’m not going to let an hour special on CBS determine my faith.

Today I have quite a bit of work to do at work, but once I get home it shouldn’t be that bad. I think I might finally take it easy for a night and play some videogames. I’ve really been to focused on getting that bathroom to a working condition to relax much lately. I figure I need to take it easy these next few days because once the baby arrives my life will never be so simple again.

Shower from Hades


Just when I thought I had the shower finished, the pipes are leaking. Great. So tonight I get to try and figure out where the heck the leak is coming from inside the wall and do some hopefully minor repairs. Shouldn’t be too bad I don’t think.

Kind of a short post today. I have to go up to St. Paul to meet with a potential vendor. Hopefully Jamie can hold off on having that baby today! Otherwise I might be looking at driving back awfully fast…

Shower Surround Installed


This isn’t a picture of our bathroom, but it is a picture of the shower surround I installed last night. I still need to caulk all the seams and install the new shower head/faucet, but the hard part is certainly over. It really feels like a totally different bathroom now that the gross tile is out of there. Now we just need to scrape the remaining adhesive off the walls, repair some holes and paint.

I typically don’t do home improvements when a Packer game is on, but last night wasn’t much of a game. It was just plain depressing. I read this morning that Favre left the stadium without even talking to the media. I hope this isn’t a sign that he has had enough and plans to retire. I wouldn’t blame him though. It seems like the team has given up on him at this point.

I received the first email response from the sports camp movies I sent out this weekend. It was a really great email from a camper who said she hasn’t been the same since camp and how eager she is for activities at her church. It was really encouraging to hear from her and the impact camp has had on her. I am kind of eager to see if I will get anymore responses now!

I forgot to mention this, but when I was working on the shower I stabbed myself in the hand with a screw driver pretty good. I was trying to get a piece of the surround material out of a 2-1/8″ hole adapter for my drill and a ended up stabbing myself pretty hard in the knuckle. It hurt pretty good, but I luckily hit myself in the knuckle instead of the meat of my hand. It could have been bad.

A woman I work with who had the same due date as Jamie had her baby this past weekend. It kind of hit me how close we are to the finish now. I plan on gathering up the camcorder and camera tonight and making sure they are in working order. In the words of Simon Birch, “I could go at any time.” I sure hope so. I can’t wait to meet this new addition to our family.

Getting Over the Illness


Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was in such rough shape on Friday that I didn’t even go to work. I am still not in great shape, but it’s getting better.

This weekend was pretty good. Friday was pretty much a recovery day. Slept until 11 am, then I picked up around the house and got a few loose ends tied up. Probably played some videogames too…I don’t really remember. Nyquil should probably be outlawed in at least a few states.

Saturday was better. I worked on scraping the ceiling in the bathroom (peeling paint) and used a lot of mildew killer. That evening we went to a Christmas party at our friend’s house which was a lot of fun. Met some new people and played a pretty good game of Mafia.

Sunday was good as well. Church was okay and afterwards I went to Menard’s with Micah (from my small group) and picked up a new shower surround. I spent the rest of the day ripping out the old tile from the shower and exposing myself to some horrible 20 year-old mildew. I had the worst headache that night. We are without a shower right now as I’m trying to let all the moisture in the wall dry out. I’m hoping tonight after work I can put in the new surround and have a functioning shower. It will definitely be ready by the time Jamie’s family gets here. (Don’t worry!)

That’s about it for now. I have a ton of work to do today and it’s already 11 am. I think work is trying to hit me hard before the baby arrives. There might be some late nights coming up in the next two weeks…

Ever since yesterday afternoon I have had a vicious sore throat. I am hopeful that it is not strep throat, but I’m not sure. I should probably go get tested, but I don’t have that much ambition.

Last night I finally got to see Narnia. The junior and senior high youth both had their end of year parties at Timberlodge Steakhouse (which was good food, but the wait was horrible) and then we packed the theater for the movie.

I have to say that this movie was the best translation of a book to live action that I have ever seen. They really didn’t alter anything. I’m sure there was some artistic license taken in regards to how things look aesthetically, but that is to be expected. Nothing really looked out of place though. The only part about the movie that I did not like was that some of the computer generated sequences were very obviously computer generated. I know this technology has come a long way, but it’s by no means perfect yet.

This weekend should be a good time. My best friend who lives up in St. Paul is finally going to buy Battlefield so we can play that online against each other so that will be fun. Also I plan on tearing out our shower and fixing that up as well. Hopefully this sickness doesn’t take me out of commission anytime soon.

My wife decided to get me sick yesterday. She has had a nasty sinus infection for the last few days and I recently contracted it from her. Yesterday at work my head felt like it was going to explode and I was pretty achey.

With this pain nagging me, I decided to bring out the big guns. At about 7:30 PM I took two Nyquil geltabs and by 8:30 I was borderline comatose. It was wonderful. I slept so good last night. I try not to use medication very often, but when I do my body responds very well since it hasn’t been conditioned.

This morning I finished listening to a podcast sermon on my iPod from Covenant Life Church. It was about the “Song of Mary.” In essence it covered the importance of Mary and Elizabeth in the context of the Christmas story. It looked at this part of Mary’s life from the eyes of a modern day teenager and how that would impact the life of a teenage mother with such unique circumstances. It was very eye-opening and gives me a new appreciation for Mary and Joseph. I still understand her role in relation to Jesus, but she did have a pretty monumental role that shows God’s promise.

Tonight hopefully my wife and I can just take it easy. We plan on watching the Amazing Race finale and that’s probably about it. Hope you all have a more productive night that us!

Sure, now you win a game…


Why is it that the Packers decide to win their third game of the season when I can’t watch it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they won, but I’d at least like to have the option of watching it. It’s times like this that I really miss ESPN.

My wife and I watched Survivor last night. Kind of a huge surprise that Danni was able to pull out the big win at the end. I was even more surprised though that she seems to be a pretty solid Christian as well. It was a curveball that her faith hadn’t really been focused on up to this point and then suddenly it was pretty common discussion. Hope she doesn’t something good with the money as she said she would.

Continued work on the bathroom rolled on this weekend with me scrapping more adhesive off the walls (I swear I’m going to torture the person who invented plastic tile) and the installation of our new sink. Not a lot of great craftsmanship from the previous owner, so that was kind of a fun battle.

I didn’t go to Narnia this weekend either. We decided that since my wife and I are going on Wednesday for a youth ministry outing we should probably save the money and just go once. I really want to support the movie, but cash is tight right now.

Movie Night!


Tonight is finally the night when the first of hopefully many Narnia movies is released. I have been really excited about this movie for a long time and I can’t wait to see it! I didn’t plan on going to see it tonight since I will be seeing it Wednesday with my small group, but some of our friends are going. Besides, if I want to see additional movies made in this series, I need to support this thing as much as I can!

I do worry slightly about how the story will be presented and I am really hoping that it is as true to the story as possible. Aside from the gospel allegory that is presented, the story itself is really good. When I worked at camp my second year there were a few weeks when the hyperactive kids in my cabin wouldn’t sleep and I found reading them this book was the only way to settle them down. Since the kids are largely of the Harry Potter generation, it’s an interesting read to them.

I also made a few additions to the blog yesterday. I added what book I am currently reading as well as what CD I listen to the most. I average a book a month currently and the CD will probably change at about the same rate. I just thought it would be interesting to see what media is influencing me the most right now…come to think of it I should probably put a “Game I’m playing” in there too. I’ll do that today.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Due to the end of the regular college football season I will have a lot of time on my hands this Saturday. Hopefully I can keep working on the bathroom.