It seems like life is never going to slow down at this point! I keep telling myself “once Leah gets on a schedule” or “once I get a few more things done at work” that my life will at least come down a notch or two. Not yet.

Instead, it seems like I have more to do but miraculously I also have more energy to accomplish it. For example, I am now managing a larger workload, becoming a dad, and taking on more responsibility with the youth ministry again. It’s amazing how you can find energy when you need it. Especially when it is for ministry purposes…

There is the worry of this all screeching to a halt soon though. I am afraid that I will eventually just hit a wall and need to go into hibernation for a few days just to recover. I’m sure there are ways of protecting myself from driving to the point of exhaustion. I’m just not sure I want to scale back my life just to be more comfortable.

I think the only area I really can scale back is in my “entertainment” area which would include TV and videogames. On the other hand though, those are a form of release for me and I don’t know if that would actually help. There is something rewarding about playing just a few minutes of videogames each night. The amount I play has certainly come down, but as of right now I don’t really miss it. I would much rather be holding Leah than a controller most times.

With all that said, I am hoping for a restful weekend. I might do a little bit of work around the house, but nothing major. I would like to do some plaster work in the hall way and TV room, but that is probably all I will do. Just a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. Other than that, I’m hoping to just take it easy and enjoy my family.


Email Posting


Since I am no longer able to really go on the internet for “leisure” purposes at work, I am going to try and post via email. Hopefully this works. I’m not sure what this means as far as photos either. I’ll try throwing a picture in at the end of this post to see if it makes the conversion, but I have my doubts.

Last night was a pretty good time. Jamie, Leah and I went to the youth ministry large group. We played a long game of dodgeball and a weird version of capture the flag. I personally don’t think sports gets any better than dodgeball. It’s just pure adrenaline and pain. Always fun.

Not much else going on really. Just wanted to see if this email post thing would be worthwhile.

This morning while I was driving to work I had a realization about my small group. We aren’t getting anywhere. Let me explain.

I have been mentoring, teaching and just plain hanging out with the same group of high school guys for the past 3 years. Since they were freshmen I have been a part of their lives and now they are juniors. It’s amazing how much some of them have grown.

And at the same time, it’s sad to see how far some of the other guys have fallen away. For a long time now I have done my best to try and maintain the group by doing fun things. We play videogames together, we play Risk together, we just have fun. And I think that is important.

But at the same time, I am not here to be their friend alone. I need to really refocus myself to be a spiritual mentor to these guys. Pretty soon they will be graduating from high school and the greatest fear I have is for them to move on with their lives and not have an understanding of how to maintain their own faith.

So tonight I am hoping to start something new with these guys. I have always been a firm believer that more meaningful discussion occurs around a campfire than any other place I have ever seen. No distractions and everyone feels somewhat safer since it is difficult to fully see everyone. At any rate, I am hoping to just have a good heart-to-heart with my guys. About life, direction, and of course, God.