Well, this happened a few days ago, but with the current hectic pace of my life timelyness is far from a priority. Sorry!

My wife has been committed lately to going for a daily walk in the woods. Some of the paths here at camp are marked better than others, but she said there are a lot of parts of camp that she had never even seen before.

Well, this is all good, but the other day we had quite a scare. With Leah in her backpack, she had started her walk. After a short walk, Leah started whimpering, and then crying.

Jamie had realized something was wrong and had one of our friends help get Leah down. It was pretty clear that Leah had been stung by a bee at least once if not twice.

Now a bee sting is typically not a big deal, but when it is your kids first time, it is pretty scary. You really don’t know how your kid will react. Will they be allergic? How allergic? Is it fatal?

I’m sure all these thoughts ran through Jamie’s mind, but thankfully Leah was fine. Well, maybe not fine. She cried plenty but after a little while and a lot of comforting she was fine. Definitely a scary adventure though.


It’s amazing how much of a difference a little satellite dish can make. I never thought that I would miss high speed internet more than cable TV, but it’s true. The connectedness I feel with other people through instant messages, email, pictures and blogs is so important to me at this point in my life. Especially now that we live in the middle of the woods.

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time and I have a lot to recap (the first summer running a camp makes for lots of stories including fires, lost campers, staff drama, learning a complex job on the fly, etc.) but that will come in time.

Today the focus is on just reconnecting with my former readers. If you are still checking this site, thank you and I’m sorry. I just couldn’t handle dial-up for posting. It was like going into a time warp and trying to use and Apple II. It was just more frustrating than it was worth.

Once the dish was up on the house yesterday I immediately started downloading podcasts like crazy. I can’t believe how fast satellite internet actually is. Maybe it’s just because I am so used to dial-up, but it was really flying. I must have downloaded 20 podcasts last night just trying to fill my ipod with fresh content.

Well, unfortunately that is all I can think of for right now. I’ll probably be posting daily or bi-daily again, but I won’t promise anything until summer is over and my life slows down a little. Look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone again.

P.S. – Finally fixed that stupid error message that kept popping up. Turns out Google Analytics is more of a pain than a help!