Sick Day


I don’t think I actually ever felt as bad as the guy in the illustration looks, so consider it an “artist rendering.” I did have to take a sick day today though. I don’t really feel bad though. I haven’t taken a sick day since I moved back to Wisconsin in May. Before that, I was being ravaged by sickness pretty regularly in Mankato. I guess that’s one of the perks of living away from civilization.

In an unrelated story (no really, I’m serious) my Xbox 360 came yesterday afternoon. I was to incapacitated to really enjoy it, but I’m pretty excited for Christmas and the eventual addition of some new games. Boy I’m nerdy.

Sorry for the short post, but all I did today was sleep and be babied by my great wife. My new visualization of heaven is surprise chicken noodle soup when you wake up from a nap on the couch.




Why do I love Thanksgiving? Well, besides the food, the football, the family, and the inevitable turkey coma I will slip into later this afternoon, it’s the sales.

I have had pretty good luck in the past getting decent deals. Nothing huge, but the typical free stack of cds or a big discount on a present for someone else. Never did I get a great deal for myself though. Until today.

The fine folks at Amazon were running a deal today at 1 pm to get a Xbox 360 core system for $100 instead of the typical $300. They only have 1,000 at this price, so I didn’t really think I had a chance.

But like a glutton for punishment, I clicked away at the refresh button in hopes of winning the lottery. At about 12:57, the Amazon site locked up and I knew it was over.

But wait…what is this? I got through! I couldn’t believe it. Sure, I still have to pay $100, but it’s a great deal. And best of all, it makes the decision of PS3 or Xbox 360 really easy.

Time to go update my Amazon Christmas list…

It’s funny how the city can change you. I mean, when you are in the woods, a beard seems like a perfectly natural response to the bitter cold. However, when you are in the city for a few days, that inclination starts to change.

And my wife doesn’t like it.

So off it came. But not without a little fun in the process. I have never attempted a true full beard before so this was uncharted territory of grooming. Enjoy.

So here we are with the full beard. I personally think it adds about 10 years to my overall age and give the impression that I can wrestle grizzly bears with my bare hands.

From there we go to the Rail Baron look. Actually I just copied the grooming off this guy on a boardgame from the 1970s. This look made me want to drink Milwaukee’s Best and watch NASCAR.

Here I am with just the mustache. This look reminds me of my dad and most police officers. It made me feel like I should be chasing robbers or being a math teacher.

And here I am back in my clean shaven glory. Back to looking like I’m 12 years-old. Ugh. At least my wife and daughter will let me kiss them again though.



Okay, so as usual, this is not the actual picture, but I did have a small accident last night. As I went to go get the camp truck to bring the day’s garbage from the dining hall to the dumpster, I hit a tree. Not like, full on, but I did clip the back end of the truck on it.

So how did this happen? Well, there were many factors. First, I am stressed out. We are currently serving one of our most important groups of the year. Also, I am due for a day off and am anxiously looking forward to a vacation. Also, the truck was parked in an unusual location. It was parked very close to some trees instead of it’s normal position. Also (that’s right, 3 alsos in a row), it was pitch black out.

When I started the truck I turned the corner and felt the tail end hop to the side. I figured I hit a rut and didn’t worry about it. Later I went and looked at the back of the truck and was shocked to see a big dent in the side. It doesn’t affect the performance of the truck, but it does look kind of bad.

I really beat myself off when stuff like this happens. My coworkers are very understanding, but I’m my own worse critic. I’m getting better now, but please pray for me to let this go.

Two Wins!!


It’s a rare occasion. It seems this year that whenever the Badgers win, the Packers lose, or vice-versa. I like to think of it as how I remain humble and remember that each win can be followed by a loss.

But not this weekend. In two HUGE games, the Badgers go to Iowa and win (which is a huge win) and the Packers go to Minnesota and win. Wow. Just wow. And to make matters even better, with all the college football shake-up, the Badgers jumped up to number 10 in the BCS. If they can hold onto this 1 loss record, they will be in great shape at the end of the season.

Now the Packers, that’s different. I’m still not getting too over excited. This is such a young and inexperienced team that I am never surprised when they seem to lose their head and have a coverage break down. Hopefully they can tighten this all up and next year do some damage.

Which brings me to Favre. Suddenly people are saying, “hey, he’s playing pretty good. Why not 5 more years?” Well, maybe not 5, but McCarthy did say he would like him to consider at least 2. I’m not arguing against that logic, I just think it’s an interesting change of heart for all the critics. Heck, I even picked him up on one of my fantasy teams since he is playing so well lately.

We’ll see with next week though. The Packers are playing at New England who just lost to the Jets. I’m pretty sure they are going to be an angry team. Great.

Off Hiatus


It’s hard to believe that it’s actually Blogger that remotivated me to start blogging again. But with this new drag-and-drop layout, it is pretty easy. I typically despise WYSIWYG layout since it is so limited, but in this case I welcome it. Anything that allows me shorten the time and not totally sacrifice my content is appreciated.

So what have I been up to? Well, working. It turns out the true active season of this camp is from May to late November, not October as previously advertised. It’s a great problem to have, but it has kept me on my toes and allowed for little rest in the mean time. I am eager for the rest that Thanksgiving will bring.

I was close to posting last week after the recent Wisconsin election results as well. As a Christian, it was pretty embarrassing. I have often distanced myself from the typical Evangelical outlook on politics, and this only reinforced my reasoning.

It kills me how much Christians missed the boat this year. While many churches were busy taking up their issue of being strongly against same-sex marriage, they may have missed the bigger issue: the death penalty. Even the church I attend here in Westfield was guilty of it. They encouraged people to put up little signs in their yard to vote “yes” on the same-sex marriage bill, but they never even mentioned the death penalty. I have to think that if Jesus was at those polls he would have been much more adimate about the killing of people than anything else.

But I’m off my soapbox now. I am really enjoying the college football season right now. All this crazy stuff is happening in the top 10 and Wisconsin is slowly creeping up the list. I think they are the most under the radar team in the top 25 right now. I’m not thinking national championship or anything, but a top 10 finish isn’t out of the question.

Hope all is well out there. Hopefully I can get more consistent with this thing again.