Happy 4th of July!


Just some photos of us celebrating the 4th of July!

It is hard to believe just how cute Leah is getting. She is learning words so quickly and the way she reasons through things is pretty amazing to watch.

We had a lot of friends come to watch fireworks with us. They were also generous in their popcorn donations to our child.

Beautiful sunset in Harrisville. I’m not sure the name of the lake, but it was pretty. There was also a rainbow as the sun went down.

Leah and I doing some pre-fireworks sparklers. I’m surprised how brave Leah was with them. Even with the sparks hitting her arms, she didn’t really flinch. And I only had to tell her not to touch the sparks once or twice.

Decent fireworks for smalltown America. I give it a B- considering their obviously limited budget. D- on the sulfur smoke coming across the lake into our lungs.

Leah did surprisingly well during the fireworks. She struggled at first with the very loud noise, but once we wrapped the blanket over her ears and held her, she watched in amazement. When it was over, I asked her if she like the fireworks and she replied with clapping and excited laughter. A great night for all of us.