Forwarding to the Divine


I lost a mother-in-law, a friend and a role-model today.

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Today is September 1. Today is also the start of Badger football. Today is a great day.

I look forward to football season so much that it is almost like a little kid waiting for Christmas. I know what is coming, I can see it coming, and still I am excited to finally get to watch football again.

This year should be particularly exciting too since the Badgers start the year ranked 7th in the nation. While these preseason ranks should mean very little, they actually have a huge impact on the season. It is usually so difficult to move up the ranks that getting a start inside the top 10 actually makes winning a national championship possible.

While a few great players left after last year, the main star from last year remains; PJ Hill. I am really looking forward to seeing his career continue and the possibility of him winning a Heisman at some point in his career.

Today is going to be a long day of work knowing what is waiting for me at home. I have a feeling I’ll be leaving work a little early today. 🙂