The Passing Sickness


We have finally recovered from a few days of stomach flu. It is never very fun for any family to deal with illness, but I think the challenges only become magnified when your family is larger. Add in the unique nature of leaving in relative isolation and it only gets worse.

My wife has become acutely paranoid to family sickness. As the Facebook posts declaring “another night of cleaning up puke” or “3 sick kids :(” start popping up, she becomes hypersensitive. Every cough from the kids is met with a quick glance to make sure no fluids followed it out. Every half-eaten meal is psychologically dissected for the true meaning of its shallow effort. Is it the start of something horrible?

I can hardly blame her though. As a mom who stays with the kids, her life is largely dictated by their health. If one kid is getting sick, do you really want to bring that ticking time bomb into a public setting?

So this round went with no exception. Stomach flu worked its way from parent to child to child to parent to child. Only one kid has remained intact, and it is almost worse that he never got it. Now we are stuck in this holding pattern waiting for him to erupt after a meal. I’m still a little gun shy every time I wrestle with the kids and he decides it’s a good idea to hover over me like a giant monster.

It’s not all bad though. Like any struggle, the light at the end is always the brightest. As sickness passes way to health, we all feel thankful for a new sense of energy and ability to control general digestion. All the things we weren’t able to do we twice as fun and even on the coldest day, playing outside seems like a pretty good idea.


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