My Little Cheesehead


It’s amazing how fast kids learn stuff. Leah now knows what a football is, can identify it on TV, knows who the Packers are and is well aware that “Dad watch football.” She’s a smart one. A little too observant at times, but still smart.

Today was a rather long day for a day off. Having two kids who are pretty congested and sick in general that it is hard to get any sleep let alone sleep in. Thankfully my wonderful wife did allow me to sleep in until 9 after getting up at 6 with Leah.

Tonight we went to drop some food off for friends of ours who just had their first baby. Then we went grocery shopping and to help out at the youth ministry at church. I am in charge of the games each week, so this week I pulled out the classic “Sock-head Jousting.” For the uninitiated, you play this by putting a pantyhose on your head with a tennis ball in the end and twirling it around trying to catch and remove the same contraption from your opponent’s head. For the night I was 4-0, which I credit to my abnormally large nose and satellite-esque ears.
Next week I get to lead the “spiritual” component for the group. I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about yet, but I’m leaning towards the topic of how heroes, idols and God need to interact.


The longest two days…


As much as I love and appreciate “time-off,” this has been the absolute longest 2 days ever. It’s not that my typical time off is this boring. Unfortunately the rest of my family is gone though, so I’m stuck here in the woods trying to basically kill time. It’s a horrible thing. So here is a brief list of things I’ve done.

1. Watched 4 bowl games. The Fiesta Bowl is officially the greatest game I have ever seen in my life.

2. The new show Knights of Prosperity is pretty hilarious in a My Name is Earl/Office kind of way.

3. I beat Psychonauts. I got this game for Christmas. Like, a week ago. Great game, but sad I beat it already.

4. I killed two mice by reinventing the conventional mouse trap. Put peanut butter under the bait bail with a toothpick and snap off the toothpick to make it difficult for the mouse to clean off the trap without it’s neck being snapped. I know, I’m pathetic and inhumane.

5. I have watched the Packers/Bear game twice. I can’t get enough of that game. Just priceless.

6. I have done countless loads of laundry and dishes in hopes that my wife will have little to nothing to do when she gets home.

7. I cleaned up the garage. Even though it was already clean.

I’m sure there are more things that are pointless, but I can’t think of any right now. Oh yeah, I slept until 11 am yesterday too. Okay, I’m done. And pathetic.

Two Wins!!


It’s a rare occasion. It seems this year that whenever the Badgers win, the Packers lose, or vice-versa. I like to think of it as how I remain humble and remember that each win can be followed by a loss.

But not this weekend. In two HUGE games, the Badgers go to Iowa and win (which is a huge win) and the Packers go to Minnesota and win. Wow. Just wow. And to make matters even better, with all the college football shake-up, the Badgers jumped up to number 10 in the BCS. If they can hold onto this 1 loss record, they will be in great shape at the end of the season.

Now the Packers, that’s different. I’m still not getting too over excited. This is such a young and inexperienced team that I am never surprised when they seem to lose their head and have a coverage break down. Hopefully they can tighten this all up and next year do some damage.

Which brings me to Favre. Suddenly people are saying, “hey, he’s playing pretty good. Why not 5 more years?” Well, maybe not 5, but McCarthy did say he would like him to consider at least 2. I’m not arguing against that logic, I just think it’s an interesting change of heart for all the critics. Heck, I even picked him up on one of my fantasy teams since he is playing so well lately.

We’ll see with next week though. The Packers are playing at New England who just lost to the Jets. I’m pretty sure they are going to be an angry team. Great.



I think Mr. Mark Twain had this pretty much nailed. Right now Leah is teething and it has quickly gone from bad to worse. Our sweet little girl who was sleeping through the night since her first month of life is now waking up numerous times (like on the hour) during the night since her teeth are so sore. Last night it got so bad that Jamie ended up sleeping next to Leah’s door so she didn’t have to walk as far to settle her down. I ended up sleeping with a pillow on my head after getting overly frustrated at 2 am.

We spent the last two days in Appleton, WI on my “weekend.” It was a nice departure from camp and gave me some quality time with my new work laptop. I still can’t believe I was able to get a MacBook for my work laptop, but I think it was the best thing I could get. For doing promotional materials and dealing with all the media of camp (photos, video, etc.) you can’t beat a Mac. Alright, done with my commercial.

In Packer news…what the heck is going on?!? Apparently now that the season is a loss (after 1 game) we are picking up alcoholic WR’s (Koren Robinson) and getting rid of solid performers (Samkon Gado). I know I will still watch the Packers regardless, but it’s much more frustrating as of late.

That’s about all for now. Oh yeah, a message to Tim P.: There, I posted. Quit your crying.

Now that I know I am going back to live in Wisconsin, I am suddenly re-energized to watch Wisconsin sports. I never really lost my love for the Packers, Badgers, Brewers and sometimes the Bucks, but the fire had certainly been stifled due to the lack of TV coverage here in the barren wasteland of Minnesota.

With that said, it is hard to avoid the soap opera that is the Brett Favre retirement tango. The “will he or won’t he” back and forth has become a daily story not just for Wisconsin sports fans, but for fans across the country. The question is, why?

Well, I have to assume that the reason so many people are intrigued by this story is because it is about a player that people respect and enjoy watching play. Even the typically biased Minnesota sports radio heads have given Favre his due respect as of late. If this same drama were unfolding for someone like Vinny Testaverde or Rich Gannon, few people would bat an eye. Instead, we have one of the few true living legends of the NFL on the brink of ending an amazing career.

For people in Wisconsin it is an even bigger deal. Before Favre and Reggie White showed up, Green Bay was literally a joke. We were the team that other coaches threatened to send their under productive players to. We were the team that when people saw it on their schedule instantly assumed it would be a win. We were the team that year after year found a way to lose.

Favre changed that. He made winning not only a possibility but fun too. The way that we have won some of these games in the last ten years have been absolutely unbelievable. I almost became eager for there to be 2 minutes left and being down by a touchdown.

But now it is time for a decision Brett. For the sake of my sanity, you need to decide. I know you want there to be some improvements to the team, we all do. There is nothing I would want more than to have LaVaar Arrington and Charles Woodson on the defense, but if we don’t do you really think we will be 4-12 again? Honestly, I’m pretty sure we can avoid the injury bug and have at least a 10-6 season. I just wish that was enough to bring back the most entertaining football player I have ever watched.